Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Tool with which your company can achieve the loyalty of old customers and open new business opportunities.

DM  bets on the design and use of technologies to manage global positioning of your company to its customers.

The “e-mail marketing ” has become a powerful tool for online advertising, also has segmented or mass distribution formats. Undoubtedly this advertising mail service can ensure a "One to One" service making grow the expectations of your business or enterprise.

For email marketing  we have World Class techniques and software, ensuring the usability  and information delivery to your targets. The layout design is developed based on strategic attention points and customer seduction.

Our email marketing support has a technical architecture developed and implemented to support practically all computational resources, without discrimination of mails (Outlook, Lotus Note One - WebMail - Thunderbird - Outlook Express, among others), operating systems, Internet connection or browser. Therefore we assure the proper delivery of information to its recipients. 
Email marketing  campaigns are constantly monitored and reports are generated regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of the product. In this way, if there is any unpractical element in the mail, it can be isolated and redesigned to make it an effective resource. 
All our projects are ruled by the legal regulations about "mass mailings" and "spam", the email marketing  service is backed by our creative team, because it isn’t enough to have a technical platform for mass mailing, but also a different approach that characterizes your company or product. Digital Marketing ’s databases for email marketing lie in the incentive to the target, the formula to fire up your recipient and make it choose the offer. The key is in the visual work incentive and impact of the message added to the offerings and facilities that your company provides. 
Process Stages: 

  1. Segmentation of target audience. 
  2. Clear message design. 
  3. Attractive templates design. 
  4. Sending, verifying and monitoring of the campaign. 
  5. Mail reception reports.